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Gonzalo N Santos Memorias Pdf Download

Gonzalo N. Santos: Memorias

Gonzalo N. Santos (1897-1985) was a Mexican politician, military leader, and writer who played a prominent role in the Mexican Revolution and the post-revolutionary era. He served as governor of San Luis Potosí from 1943 to 1949 and as senator from 1952 to 1958. He was also known as "El Alazán Tostado" (The Toasted Chestnut) for his dark complexion and fiery temper.

One of his most notable works is his autobiography, titled Memorias (Memoirs), which was first published in 1984 by Grijalbo. The book covers his life from his childhood in the Huasteca region to his involvement in the revolutionary movements, his political career, and his personal relationships. The book is divided into four parts: "Carta a mi hijo Gastón" (Letter to my son Gastón), "Viva Madero" (Long live Madero), "En la raya" (On the line), and "El Alazán Tostado" (The Toasted Chestnut). The book is considered a valuable historical document, as well as a controversial and provocative account of the events and personalities that shaped modern Mexico.

gonzalo n santos memorias pdf download

The book has been reprinted several times, and has also been translated into English and French. However, finding a PDF version of the book online can be challenging, as it is not widely available in digital format. One possible option is to use a web search engine, such as Bing, to look for websites that offer the book for download or online reading. For example, one of the results from Bing is [Google Books], which provides a preview of some pages of the book. Another result is [Política y gobierno], which is an academic journal that published a review of the book in 1999. A third result is another [Google Books] link, which shows a different edition of the book from 1986.

Alternatively, one can try to find a physical copy of the book in a library or a bookstore, or order it online from a reputable seller. However, this may require more time and money than downloading a PDF version. Therefore, it is advisable to check the availability and quality of the PDF files before downloading them, and to respect the intellectual property rights of the author and the publisher.

Gonzalo N. Santos' Memorias is a fascinating and controversial memoir that offers a unique perspective on the Mexican Revolution and its aftermath. It is a valuable source of information and insight for anyone interested in Mexican history, politics, and culture.


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