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Uniform Company

We are cleaning and wiping down frequently used surfaces throughout the day to help keep our employees and customers safe. If you need to place an order, you can also call one of our stores, email us at or place an order on this website.

uniform company

Our personalized, on-site service is the distinction that sets Action Uniform Co apart in the uniform industry. You can stop into one of our retail locations and take your uniform with you the same day, or our experienced outside sales team can fill all your uniform needs conveniently from your location. Fittings, samples and updates are easy with our uniform programs and our delivery time is the best in the industry.

The Eagle Uniform Company has built a reputation for fast, friendly and knowledgable service. Our newly remodeled store located in Crestwood, IL is always stocked full of uniforms for Police, Fire and EMT, Postal, and Security professionals. Find the most competitive prices and biggest selection of service uniforms with us!

Our mission is to make your uniform program a seamless part of the school experience and a clear reflection of your school's values. To accomplish this, we design a look and range of options that reflect your priorities and perspective. And for every custom program we use only the highest-quality fabrics, responsibly sourced, in the construction of stylish and durable garments.

We've spent sixty years cultivating a close-knit team of experienced professionals with deep experience, insight, innovation, and attention to detail. Our people average in excess of fifteen years with Mills, and bring additional prior experience in the garment and uniform industry. Through our retail, online and on-campus events, our extraordinary team strives to deliver unparalleled convenience and customer service to your parents and students.

Hanover Uniform stands as one of the largest privately held uniform suppliers in the nation representing nearly 400 factories and supplying over 2000 customers worldwide. Hanover today has coupled their US manufacturing facilities with plants located in both Mexico and China, allowing them to manufacture nearly any garment for any purpose as efficiently as possible. Further, they have combined their supply chain with efficient warehousing, state of the art software, and the most dedicated employees of any company in the country.

For companies that utilize a large volume of uniforms and/or linens, working with a uniform rental company that fits their needs is a must. Though many uniform companies offer similar services, one provider may be a better fit due to pricing, the industry you operate in, and/or the locations the vendor operates in.

In this article, we will take a look at the uniform rental industry as a whole, things you should consider when working with a uniform rental company, and provide a list of some of the top uniform rental companies you can work with.

Uniform and linen rental companies come in various shapes and sizes. The major players in the industry that control much of the market are typically full-service companies. On top of renting uniforms and day-to-day linens, these companies may offer different types of PPE, cleaning products, first aid supplies, and more. They also typically provide services to many different industries.

Other rental companies in the industry may specialize in either uniform, linen, or cleaning supplies rentals. These companies may be regional or local providers that aim to serve certain business sectors or industries. By focussing on a specific industry and/or location, these smaller companies can compete with the larger providers within their respective markets.

Aramark is a US-based provider of food service, health safety, facility management services, and uniform/linen rental services for a variety of different business sectors. These sectors include healthcare, education, correctional facilities, hospitality, and entertainment venues. With an impressive global footprint, Aramark serves over 20 different countries and was rated the 27th largest employer in the Fortune 500 in 2018.

As one of the major uniform and linen rental companies, Cintas offers its customers a wide variety of products and services. These include uniforms for rental or purchase, cleaning supplies, linens, first aid supplies, safety courses, and fire extinguisher testing. In response to Covid-19, Cintas has increased its offerings in regards to cleaning products, hand sanitizer, and PPE.

Alsco is the oldest company on this list, with over 130 years of experience in the linen and uniform rental industry. Alsco serves many customers in 14 countries in business sectors such as industrial facilities, automotive, healthcare, and restaurants. Alsco puts an emphasis on sustainability practices when sourcing products and providing its services. It offers thousands of different types of uniforms and focuses on sourcing uniforms from trusted suppliers.

UniFirst is another well-known uniform, linen, and protective clothing rental services provider operating in North America and Europe. UniFirst also provides facility services and first aid supplies in many industries including automotive, industrial, food and beverage, healthcare and dental, education, hospitality, transportation, and more. UniFirst claims to outfit more than two million workers on a daily basis and it also employs more than 14,000 people across its 260 facilities.

AmeriPride is a subsidiary company of Aramark and operates more than 115 production facilities. AmeriPride is a major provider of uniform and linen rental services for many industries including industrial, manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, healthcare, and hospitality. With the combined coverage of both AmeriPride and Aramark, AmeriPride says it can address customer needs quickly and more comprehensively.

Prudential Overall Supply focuses on sourcing its uniforms and products from some of the finest vendors in the industry. It guarantees a broad selection of styles, colors, and materials that can fit the needs of many types of businesses. Prudential Overall Supply prides itself on its top-notch customer service and quality products.

Mission Linen offers uniform and linen rental services as well as various cleaning and first aid products. The company operates 43 facilities across the USA and also has a fleet of 800+ vehicles to help deliver its products and services. Mission Linen believes its customer-focused philosophy and emphasis on sustainability are key differentiators from other competitors in the industry. Additionally, Mission Linen does its best to support the communities it works in through volunteer efforts, sponsoring community events, and donating goods or services to those in need.

US Linen & Uniform is a reliable provider of uniform and linen services to the Pacific Northwest. As a family-owned company with 75 years of experience, U.S. Linen is proud of its loyal customer base and the quality services it delivers.

As a family-owned and operated business, United Linen provides uniform and linen rental services in a number of states across the country. The key industries United Linen serves are food and beverage, hospitality, and medical. United Linen prides itself on the quality of its products and services and says it works hard to anticipate the current and future needs of its customers. Additionally, the core values at United Linen include teamwork, integrity, care, and friendliness.

As mentioned above, billing in the uniform and linen rental industry is quite complex. Without the right expertise and experience, customers all across the country face fees, overcharges, and unreasonable price increases without them realizing it.

At P3 Cost Analysts, we specialize in working with the major uniform and linen providers and know how to reduce spending in this cost category. By working through a detailed uniform and linen billing audit, we can find many areas of savings. Additionally, we will take a close look at your vendor contracts to see if your vendor is following the terms it has outlined. If not, we work on your behalf to correct errors and or renegotiate your contracts to get the best terms possible.

Additionally, it serves you well to consult a third-party cost reduction agency such as P3 Cost Analysts to make sure you are being billed and treated fairly in regards to your uniform and linen rental services. If you would like to learn more about our uniform and linen services auditing program, schedule your free expense audit today!

National uniforms is a family-owned business since 1927. We now serve internet customers worldwide. We know what goes into a uniform to provide long-term benefit and value. When you join our extended family of satisfied customers, you'll discover our real, sincere commitment to providing you with quality products, long-term benefits and above all, value to save you time and money.

As an independent distributor of uniforms and equipment, Leon Uniform Company carefully chooses the items to provide to you from only the best manufacturers in the industry. Through the years, the focus of the company has been to provide the best products combined with the best service. Maintaining our integrity since 1907.

Company uniform suppliers are vendors who design, create, or sell employee uniforms, protective gear, and uniform materials. Examples of these companies include SanMar, Bravo Apparel, and Welking Garment. The purpose of these suppliers is to provide employees with quality and comfortable work uniforms to enhance company identity and meet occupational safety and health standards.

Fabian Couture is one of the most trusted work uniform suppliers. This company focuses on producing durable garments with distinctive designs. The company constructs top-notch quality and style uniforms to help the wearers feel comfortable and look great.

Fabian Couture prides itself on over 100 years of experience and exceptional customer service. Product-wise, the company has perfected the uniform-making process to ensure that employees get the best formal wear in the market, such as formal trousers, blazers, skirts, suits, and shirts. Fabian Couture distributes these uniforms on a rental and retail basis. Some key clients for these uniforms include the hospitality industry, schools, and bands. 041b061a72


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