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This article is fantastic! I have recently begun a new job and found that the facebook pages of the company have been infested with a large number of fake likes, this is reflected in the fact there is zero engagement with any of our content (even though it is quality). Any tips on how to get back on track (apart from manually removing the thousands of fake page likes?).

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I was about to buy likes on some site and then felt I should do some homework on the side effects. Now I am back on facebook setting up my ad. If you want to stay in business for long time, its better to target the right audience. Nice article, appreciate the effort and info!

Hello,Thank you for the informative post,I think you have mention all the correct details about the likes which is useful or not for the facebook page , But buying a facebook likes is much easy but it does not harm the branding I think, its easy process rather then so much money spend on regularly doing social media.

Only facebook ads can provide real likes to your fan page. We all know that buying followers from other place is fake and they are not real followers but we purchase to show the community, we are popular!

Have you ever heard of bots that are working on your facebook profile? These help you find your target audience and invite them to like your page, which can increase your engagement drastically, as a big part of the invited followers actually like your page. I would definitely give it some more research and you might find 2-3 fitting products, but pay attention: they might be expensive.

The second point, I want to introduce to you are social media marketing websites that not only sell you likes or whatever, but that actually create you a long-term plan to sustainably push your website. That might be more detailed work you need to do, but in the end it will definitely pay out! All you have to do is formulate your goals and when you want to reach them, and there are websites which actually help you do that. So far i have found 2-3 of them, which kind of helped me, but standing out from them was definitely BuyCheapestFollowers. They have a live support and they offer you not only to buy facebook likes, but you can also increase your engagement organically by many different methods. I would love to see an article by you over one of these 2 methods I have introduced to you and see how your opinion might change!

When I started out my blog, a lot of people used to say to me that your page has very fewer likes. But I never shied from replying back to them with my facebook page engagement statistics. Today I have grown my blogs facebook page followers organically to 2000+ followers by regularly sharing informative content and engaging with my page followers.

Hi, A great article.From your perspective,is like for like for facebook page cause the same damage too?I had ran some ad to get more followers,exchange likes in some fb groups. The organic reach of my page decrease from 200 to 2 suddenly,I am at a loss what to do.

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The goal of Facebook coin is to become a online payment platform to hookup their social media empire (facebook, instagram, WhatsApp, Messages). Facebook is looking at several ways to use the blockchain, the technology introduced by Bitcoin that makes it possible to keep shared records of financial transactions on several computers, rather than relying on one big central player like PayPal or Visa. It said it has 1billion$ coin pegged to the value of traditional currencies for in-house crypto payment and rollout with it's WhatsApp just like the Chinese WeChat payment.

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