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Where To Buy Lobster Tails Near Me

The flash-freezing process ensures the tails retain their high protein levels and consistent flavor. Because our lobster tails are frozen, you have the option of putting them in the freezer until you are ready to enjoy them.

where to buy lobster tails near me

Whole lobster tails can be cooked in a variety of ways, including grilled, broiled, steamed, or roasted. An 8-10 ounce lobster tail should take around 8 minutes or so to cook. You will know it has cooked when the meat has turned white and is firm.

Lobster tails. Ahhh, need we say more? Arguably the most delicious part of the lobster, which is why so many restaurants serve the tails a la carte, no body or claws included, typically in pairs with a side of melted butter to turn an already perfect meal into something almost heavenly. At Weathervane we are no different, serving lobster every which way, including fresh fried lobster tails, split battered and fried until golden brown as well as our delicious Lobster Pie; the tender meat from a whole lobster, including the succulent tail topped with our homemade crabmeat stuffing.

Over the last 45 years we have perfected our methods and honed our recipes, serving up some of the best lobster tails in town. Now we want to share some of our tips with you, so you can make your own lobster tail dinner in the comforts of your own home.

While there are many different recipes available for grilled lobster tails, we recommend keeping it simple by grilling with olive oil and then lathering in herb butter. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

At Weathervane, we love our lobsters and we love our community. We hope that these tips will be helpful as you cook your very own lobster meal. If you have any questions or want to try our mouth watering fried lobster tails, stop in at one of our many locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

Simply the best frozen lobster tails direct from the North Atlantic and shipped direct to you. Order frozen tails online. Select a quantity: Lobster tails are sold individually by the piece. Mix and match tail sizes. Quantity discounts.

Order lobster tails from a trusted source. Be careful where you buy lobster tails online since there are wide ranging degrees of quality. Our lobster tails are much different than the ones you find in the big catalog companies or the big club stores. Do not settle for those imitation warm water or Caribbean lobster tails. A sub par lobster tail will dry out and/or shrink to nothing during the cooking process. So be careful when you find that great deal on lobster tails.

I broiled 4 of your 16 oz. killer tails for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. This was the second year in a row that I got our tails from They were delicious last year, and possibly even better this year.

The first thing you have to know when buying lobster tail is that while there are 45+ species of lobster all over the world, when it comes to buying frozen lobster tails, you really have two basic options: warm-water lobster and cold-water lobster.

While you may not think it would make a big difference, the fact is, there is a significant difference in taste and quality in these two types of frozen lobster tails. While both can taste good, and make for an excellent meal, cold water tails are better. Here is what you should know:

Look: Another way to tell the difference between warm and cold water lobster is by looking at the shells. Typically, the warm water lobsters have black spots on their shells, and the Caribbean warm-water tails have distinct yellow spots and a yellow band across the tail. Cold water tails do not have these markings. Additionally, cold water tails have whiter meat.

Cost: Cold water lobster tails will almost always be more expensive than warm water lobster tails, because they taste better. So look at the price tag. If one is about $5/lb more than the other you can bet the lower priced one is warm water.

Broiling times can vary depending on size and length of the lobster tails. For a smaller lobster tail it is best to cook them about 7 to 9 minutes. Anything over 6 ounces will takes about 7 to 10 minutes long broiling them. The one thing I always have near me when cooking any type of meat is my meat thermometer. I am very cautious on making sure I do not overcook my meat. If you are broiling a larger lobster tail you will want to adjust the oven rack down another inch so it can cook more evenly.

There are several different variations when cooking lobster tails. I love how simple each of them are and how they all taste just about the same. It is all about preference and what is easiest for you in your kitchen. Lobster tails are cooked quickly and easily. In less than 10 minutes you will have a beautiful and decadent meal on your table anyway you cook them.

I really love this recipe. I made on change in the cooking process though. I placed my tails in a glass pan and put about half an inch of water in it. This made the lobster tails soooo juice. Basically make them poached.

Maine lobster tails have succulent, rich meat that gives an extravagant presentation when plated. These are available shell on, frozen, and uncooked. For best preparation, let the tails completely thaw before cooking. Once defrosted you can boil, grill, or poach in butter.

The iconic New England Lobster is known world wide for its tender and sweet meat. Red's Lobster Tails are no exception as these beautiful tails can simply be topped with butter, salt, pepper, and garlic while being baked to perfection. Nothing reminds us of summer on Cape Cod more than enjoying lobster with family and pairing it with fresh corn on the cob and potatoes. New England Lobsters will always continue to be the most sought after seafood in America and a cornerstone of New England's culture.

Red Lobster restaurants typically serve two types of lobster: Maine Lobster and Rock lobster. Rock lobsters are also known as spiny lobsters. You may notice that the Rock lobster only comes as tails, whereas you can get the Maine lobster as a whole lobster, or as a tail. What is the difference between the two types, which one should you order, and why are the rock lobsters only available as tails?

The Rock lobster, only available as tails, can be interchanged with Maine Lobster in recipes, but the meat, although similar, is generally coarser, dryer, and less flavorful. The Maine Lobster, with shells that appear quite red after cooking, is the namesake of the restaurant chain for a reason.

Maine lobster or American lobsters, which is also called the Northern Lobster (Homarus americanus), are found on the North Atlantic coast of America, not only from the waters of Maine, but also elsewhere on the North Atlantic coast, as well as the Canada coast. Their habitat stretches, generally, from the Eastern coast of Canada to the coast of North Carolina, but they are more abundant from Maine to New Jersey, growing scarcer farther south or north. These lobsters, with edible claws, are true lobsters, and are one of around 25 species of similar lobsters, which have big crushing claws and smaller serrated claws for cutting. Red Lobster buys Maine lobster live, which is how they are almost always sold. These are the most sought after type of lobster, being the most succulent and having the best texture and flavor. The exact waters that the lobster is caught in can influence the taste, because of diet and temperature, but they are always considered superior to Rock lobster. The Maine Lobster is either steamed whole in the shell, or roasted. The live Maine lobster can be purchased whole steamed, or roasted and stuffed. Tails can be had several ways, including roasted or wood-grilled.

First, prepare your Maine Lobster tails according to your preference (we recommend a classic lobster boil). Follow these steps for perfectly cooked lobster tails that are sure to be the hit of your dinner:

You can defrost frozen lobster tails overnight in the refrigerator. Alternatively, place them in a bowl of cold water for 30 minutes. For larger tails, drain the water after 30 minutes and add new freshwater. Repeat the process until the flesh is flexible and no longer icy.

Add enough water to a large pot to cover the lobster tails. Bring the water to a boil, then carefully add the tails to the pot. Cook until the meat is translucent, pinkish-white, and shells are red, about 1 minute per ounce. Drain and allow to cool just enough to handle before opening the shell to remove the meat.

Baking with water on the bottom of the pan in the oven gently steams the lobster, giving a tender almost poached texture. This works great for larger sized lobster tails that need more time to cook. It takes about 1 to 2 minutes per ounce to fully cook using this method.

Prepare the lobster tails by either cutting them in half down the center into two pieces, cut down the center with meat left inside, or butterfly the tails to have the meat placed on top. A skewer can also be placed through the center of the halved tails to prevent the seafood from curling.

About the weight of a lobster tail is actual meat after cooking, although larger lobsters typically have a slightly better yield. Be aware that yields can vary by season. The weight generally varies between 3 ounces to 1 pound on larger tails. A 3 to 10-ounce tail is considered a good individually-sized portion.

Bought and made frozen lobster tails for first time and they turned out great!!! I used the baked method and cooked until internal temperature was ready. Thanks for detailed instructions for butterflying the meat too!!

It would be 1-2 minutes per ounce of lobster tail, so 4 to 8 minutes, no matter how many. The recipe I tested was for 4 tails. The range is dependent on your oven and how many lobster tails are in the baking dish. I would check at the lowest time point, then each m minute after to not overcook. The key is looking for the flesh to turn opaque when the internal temperature reaches between 135 to 140ºF (57 to 63ºC). When boiling the tails, it helps to use a butter knife or spoon to run between the meat and the shell to help release it after cooking. How was the texture after cooking for 12 minutes? Let me know if you try the steaming method and find it easier to prepare. 041b061a72


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