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Buying New Carpet Tips LINK

Fancier carpets often will often require more maintenance fromyour side, although there are certain types which will require less care. (Forinstance, shorter pile carpets can be easier to care for than long pile.)

buying new carpet tips

PTT: If you want a carpet that is durable, soft and resists stains, PPT or Triexta may be your carpet fiber. McConnell explains that this type of carpet is derived from corn, making it more environmentally friendly than those derived from petroleum. It has permanent stain resistance engineered into the fiber, which never wears or washes off. PPT cleans very easily, too.

McConnell explains that face weight is the actual weight of the fiber used to manufacture the carpet pile, minus the weight of the carpet backing. Most carpets have a face weight somewhere between 20-100 ounces, but the average face-weight for a residential carpet is about 35-60 ounces. Beware, advises McConnell. A higher face-weight does not automatically mean the carpet is a better grade. You should consider the fiber type, style and density, too.

3. Style and Texture:There are many different styles and textures of carpet to choose from, and the best way to figure out what you like best is to go to a store and feel the different carpets. Every different style has their own pros and cons, so you really have to figure out for yourself what feels more comfortable for you. Also, if you find a carpet that you like, we can always send carpet samples so you can see and feel the carpet in person before placing an order.

4. Cleanability:Nobody ever plans to spill or drop anything onto their carpet, but accidents and messes happen. Having a carpet that is easy to clean and that has a stain and soil resistance is essential for every home. We have many great carpets from the top manufacturers that feature stain and soil protection systems. We also have all of the new SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets from Mohawk, that are very easy to clean.

8. Carpet Pad:We have many great carpet pads to choose from. Most carpets only need a 7/16 carpet pad, either a 6lb, 8lb, or 10lb. Our most popular pads are the 7/16 8lb carpet pad, and our two moisture barrier pads. The moisture barrier pads help protect the sub-floor, and they also trap the water on top of the barrier so you have more time to clean up the spill before it really tries to soak deep into the carpet.

9. Warranty:Always check the warranties on the carpet that you want to buy. We include all of the warranty information on our product pages. Just scroll down the specific carpet product page until you see a warranty tab, click the tab, and there you will find a list of warranties and a link to show you a more detailed warranty description.

10. Budget:Be sure to budget ahead of time for the carpet, carpet pad, installation, and if you need the installers to move any of the furniture or not. The best part about carpet is that you can get a gorgeous carpet and a great quality pad at a reasonable price. We have many carpets that will fit any budget.

Thanks! One of our sales representatives will be happy to help you find the right carpet for your room. You can reach a sales representative at 1-800-922-5582 or a sales rep can email you. We have a lot of great options in stock.

My husband and I are hoping to find a great carpet that we can have installed soon, and we are wondering how to pick the best one for the service to put in. So I like your suggestion to find one with a great warranty so that you can be sure the rug will last for a while. We will definitely have to find a carpet that has a warranty on it offered by the installation service.

I am so excited because I am getting new carpet for my living room and bedrooms in my home this summer. You make a great point that you should choose carpets that are stain resistant and easy to clean. This is very important to my family because I have two kids who make a lot of messes and it will be great to clean the carpets quickly and easily. Also, I think it is important to choose a carpet that will match the theme of the rooms.

If you see any carpets on our website that interest you, please send in an online request or call a sales representative at 1-800-922-5582. We will be happy to send you samples and get more information about the carpets for you.

Light, neutral tones make rooms look larger, according to the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) of Dalton, Georgia, a professional association of flooring manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Lighter carpeting also makes a home look bright and clean, Bell says. However, a stark white carpet is too vulnerable to dirt and stains, which could raise concerns among any buyers who drink red wine or own a pet with the occasional muddy paws. When in doubt, select lighter neutrals, such as:

This soft beige, high-pile texture indoor carpet includes solution-dyed fibers for long-lasting color and stain resistance, plus SoilShield technology to resist dirt and grime. FHA-approved, it has a polypropylene backing for durability. Home Depot recommends it for living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and basements.

In many retail stores, sales seem to run on a seasonal schedule dependent on when a new product is rolling out and there are times when you can get better deals on items you are looking for. In the carpet world, different seasons mean different deals and reasons to purchase. So when is the best time of year to buy a carpet? It really depends on what you are looking for in your new carpet.

Summer is a slower time of year for most carpet stores. This is a season where many homeowners shift their home spruce up focus to projects on the exterior of the home or in the yard because the weather is prime for outdoor projects. During this season some stores may be offering deals to gets buyers in the door an additional plus is that stores will be able to install carpet more quickly with fewer bookings on their calendar.

Fall seems to be the busy season in the carpet world as homeowners shift their focus from those outdoor home improvement projects to inside as the weather turns. This is also the time when carpet manufacturers (not carpet stores) offer their biggest buying incentives. October is the time of year that carpet factories offer big incentives, sweepstakes, buy right now savings and rebates. October is the time to buy if you are looking for the best deal.

The holiday season is usually pretty slow in the carpet world as it follows the October deals. In January business picks back up for carpet stores with homeowners spending holiday cash and wanting to better their home with the inspiration of New Year resolutions. With the large carpet trade show revealing their newest products you may be able to find a few good deals on the stock that stores are trying to clear out to make room for new spring product reveals.

After you purchase your new carpet be sure to check out our carpet care blog for tips on how to care for your new carpet. One of the best things you can do for your carpet is to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. All Kleen has the best carpet cleaning technicians in Snohomish County. Call or go online to make an appointment for your next carpet cleaning.

I have been searching for carpet for my children bedrooms and brought home the exact sample you put in your basement then came across your post. I have a question and would like to send a picture of my current carpet, (just installed and not satisfied so looking for a replacement) would you mind emailing me directly? I would so appreciate it, carpet is a huge decision. Thank you!

I am one of the people that would have cringed when you decided to go for a light carpet. However, I am also a firm believer in you getting what you like best. Having a light carpet in a basement where there is low traffic does seem like a good idea to me. It would definitely help make the basement lighter.

That is really pretty carpet you got. The creamish color with lighter colored squares looks really good. I think something like that with more of a blue tinge would look really good in my living room.

LOL! Yes a baseboards post could be kind of a snooze fest! I find it interesting only because I am planning out our flooring remodel and blah baseboards are the first thing to go and not come back (besides the skin-your-knee carpet)! Thanks for the link!!

Funny I was actually thinking about the baseboards as well. Did you install them before the carpet went in or after? About to change the carpet in my daughter room and we are also re-tiling our whole house so the 2in baseboards are gone! Any additional tips would be great. thank you. Your house is so inspirational. I love your blog, its been so helpful.

That goes in spades for buying carpet. Information about the construction of carpet is good, but knowledge about carpet specifics and characteristics, about its traits and subtle differences, can be invaluable.

An important consideration about carpet color is that once a carpet is installed in a new home, it will often look lighter than the sample you saw in the store. This is a natural optical effect and you should be aware of this when making a carpet color selection.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the color of carpet affects the apparent size of the room. Lighter colored carpet will visually expand the size of the room. Darker carpeting will seem to bring the walls closer together, and create a more intimate feeling.

Also, understand that carpet cushion is sold using quality specifications, not color specifications. The color of the sample you see in the store may not be the same color as the carpet cushion installed in your home.

Choosing the right place to buy your carpet is as critical as choosing the right carpet. A well-established business with a good reputation will be more likely to be around in the future should you need help. It's best to find a provider who uses on-staff professionals as opposed to sub-contractors; experienced installers are important even with uncomplicated installations. 041b061a72


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