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Where To Buy Japanese Futon

Years ago, we decided to offer Americans a true Japanese style mattress - one constructed of quality materials, without foam or innersprings, - pure and simple. So, we deconstructed Japanese shikibutons, talked to shikibuton master craftsmen in Japan, and developed the design of the J-Life Shikifuton.

where to buy japanese futon

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The cover is 100% unbleached cotton duck. The fill is also made from 100% cotton for comfort and natural air-flow. In addition, this authentic Japanese futon meets US fire retardant standards by using a natural boron material.

The J-Life Shikifuton is also available with a custom removable cover made of 100% cotton fabrics imported from Japan. We also offer a shikifuton protective cover for extra protection against dirt and moisture.

The J-Life Shikifuton is available in two thicknesses: a 4 inch option and a more traditional 3 inch. (In Japan, new shikibuton are about 3 inches thick. Our more popular 4 inch futon is made to accommodate the larger frames of American sleepers.)

J-Life Shikifutons are sized to fit American bed frames. Please note that Japanese style shikifutons are not meant for American futon frames. They require a flat solid surface such as a platform bed, tatami mat, or floor. Use our guide below to find the correct tatami mat size to go with your shikifuton:

Please Note: Due to compression caused by the packing and shipping process, futons may be several inches smaller than their actual size upon delivery until they have had time to fully expand. Please allow your shikifuton at least 1-2 weeks to expand to its actual size.

If you're looking for a comfortable and unique sleeping experience, a shiki style futon may be just what you need. These Japanese-style floor mattresses are typically around 5 inches thick. Designed to be rolled up and stored during the day. Not only are they lightweight and easy to move around, but they also provide excellent support and can help relieve pressure points.

By using only the best organic and natural ingredients we can bring you chemical free mattress types capable of providing unrivaled comfort. This is our finest line of Traditional Japanese Culture Shikifuton mattresses, made locally with the most pure and natural ingredients. We design our shikibutons to be used on top of a tatami mat for the best experience.

We take extra care in making our USDA Certified Organic Cotton futons. So we can do our part to support American farmers and our families. Our comfort layers of USDA certified organic cotton filling are pesticide and fire retardant free. Sleeping naturally can positively affect you and your family for years to come.

We design your sustainable mattress with certified organic materials, grown from mother earth. We pride ourselves on having our manufacturing processes on display for each type of mattress and mattress cover. Our mattresses, futons, and bedding natural materials have been verified by top accredited methods and approved by organic standards. Handmade in San Francisco since 1976 with no toxic chemicals or hazardous substances.

Our customer service experience is committed to wellness so when you buy either online or in-store we offer a 30 day comfort exchange for qualifying mattress purchases. Most sales apply but be sure to check the guidelines below to find out what qualifies within our Guarantee with the purchase of a premium mattress or futon from Natural Home By The Futon Shop.

Start a sleep trial on your new mattress for 15-25 nights minimum (to allow time for your body to adjust to a new mattress). If you are still not satisfied with your futon / mattress purchase, it may be exchanged up to 30 days after pick up or delivery. This is a one time exchange for the same size mattress only, there are no refunds. You can choose another mattress of equal or lesser value, or as a credit against a futon / mattress of greater value.

All in all, The FULI is a real gem. This futon is great for both regular sleeping and occasional use (for your guests, for example). It is comfortable and offers enough support and cushioning to make you sleep well all through the night. Plus, it looks (and feels) luxurious. With the FULI, you might even forget that you are sleeping on the floor.

Also, the fluffy fibers and a natural cotton cover prevent the EMOOR from sleeping hot. The cotton helps wick away body moisture and feels soft and pleasant to the touch, whereas fibers adjust to your body temperature and maintain the optimal microclimate while you sleep.

The MAXYOYO is my best affordable futon mattress as it has excellent, competitive pricing, a fair ability to support and cushion you, and a microfiber cover. From my list, the MAXYOYO has one of the best price points, being priced $329 cheaper than the FULI, $290 cheaper than the EMOOR, and $118 cheaper than the TFS Shiki mattress. However, it still offers the support and cushioning needed to feel comfortable on the floor. The MAXYOYO uses high-density foam and polyester comfort layers to provide necessary back support to keep the hips and spine aligned and pressure areas relieved.

Another cool thing that makes this model stand out from the competitors is the number of options it offers. While most Japanese futon mattresses come in standard sizes and offer only one thickness (especially cheaper models, like the D&D futon, for example), the Shiki wool mattress goes beyond that. You can pick between two thickness options and different size variations, including Eastern King and Extra-Long Full Double.

The shikibuton is generally about 3 inches thick; however, some models may reach 4 inches. Hand-crafted models mostly use natural cotton as the filling, because of its density and great insulating properties. Mass-produced futons may feature a memory foam core layer for better support.

Now, you may want to pair your futon with a tatami mat made of bamboo straws. This elevates the futon from the bare ground and improves heat and moisture removal. Also, the tatami feels softer than the floor and could make your futon more comfortable.

Even though futons are a relatively affordable type of mattress, you still need to understand how much you may have to spend on it. A model with basic features may cost you about $100, but some more luxurious and thicker options could cost as much as $300 or even more.

That being said, this bed alternative might not work for everyone, and shoppers should be aware of that. For instance, people with painful knees or back pain might have some trouble getting up, as Japanese futons typically sit on the ground.

Shoppers should also think about their storage options. Futons are usually big and require a lot of space when rolled up. Some people simply might not have a spot in their home to keep a bulky futon.

You can buy a Japanese futon at local furniture stores, big-chain stores, or online. Buying online can be more convenient as there is typically more of a selection available, and you have the ability to buy from authentic Japanese futon manufacturers. You can also compare reviews online from other customers so you know if a product will suit your needs or not.

But if I had to recommend only one, I would choose the FULI Japanese futon. It made me sleep like a baby, offering a generous amount of cushioning while keeping my back supported. This futon is well-made and promises durability, which many users will appreciate. Additionally, it looks sleek and luxurious, and would fit into any interior.

Where to buy futon?2014/11/25 17:01 I'll be visiting Japan soon and I want to buy a futon. I tried googling for shops but couldn't find anything. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy it in either Osaka or Tokyo? lnight

Re: Where to buy futon?2014/11/25 19:13 When you are talking about "futon", what exactly do you mean - matresses or beddings (duvets)?In Japanese futon means either or both of them. Kake-buton means duvet, shiki-buton means matress.You can find them in most department stores but they are not something you can carry, they are too bulky and heavy. Do you a plan how to carry them home?by . (guest)rate this post as useful

Re: Where to buy futon?2014/11/25 20:14 Oh I see, thanks for clarifying. I want to buy both. I'm thinking of packing them in a box (maybe flatten it first, if possible?) and mail it. by lnightrate this post as useful

Re: Where to buy futon?2014/11/25 23:42 They can be purchased from most large shopping centres. Mostly - a large box retailer called 'Homes' is often a good bet. They can be quite large in size which means that postage may be as much as buying the actual futon mfedleyrate this post as useful

Re: Where to buy futon?2014/11/26 10:42 If you're going to buy a nice futon from Japan, I wouldn't recommend department store ones just because they tend to be generic. I got a beautiful new shiki-buton hand made from a small old lady with a futon store near my house. It was costly, but the fabric is very nice, and it is twice as fluffy as store-bought ones (though the more you sleep on it the flatter it gets just fyi).There are local futon stores scattered in every city, I'm sure you could find one in either Tokyo or Osaka with a little help. Mine ran about 3 man (so 300 usd), but was made very quickly, and I got to choose the fabric.Just an alternative to going to a department store or the like!by scarreddragonrate this post as useful

Re: Where to buy futon?2014/11/26 13:21 The price range of futons is really wide. Besides your budget, maybe you can tell us about "features" that you will want.I suppose the most accessible place for tourists (and can't speak Japanese) will be a Muji store. If you're in Tokyo, you can head to the Muji in Yuurakucho where some (?) sales assistants will be able to speak hitorirate this post as useful

Re: Where to buy futon?2014/11/27 04:20 I would just buy one or more covers for the duvet..and buy the futon mattress in your country..Surely they make them there? they do in North-America, Europe Monkey see (guest)rate this post as useful 041b061a72


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