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Shadow Fight 2 Shades: The Ultimate Guide to the Roguelike RPG Fighting Game

By downloading the game Shadow Fight: Shades, you can once again immerse yourself in your favorite world of shadows and amazing landscapes. The advanced features of the original game are waiting for you, which will take your experience to a new level. More battles, more locations, more friends, new enemies, powerful abilities and an expanded Shadow Fight universe!

shadow fight 2 shades download

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Players will use their flexible mobility and superior shadow combat skills to go deep into strange lands, fight the evil enemies lurking in the new world, and figure out how to close this crack again. Things get more complicated as the adventure unfolds more and more mysteries of unexpected origins.

Belonging to the shadow fighting game genre, the context is not completely important in the game, but this time, with a completely new scene of the world, you will experience the atmosphere of fighting blood like never before.

Shadow Fight Mod APK is an RPG fighting game. Shadow Fight Shades Apk continues the story of the legendary Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. Get ready to experience enhancements to the original game that take your experience to the next level. Take part in more battles, visit more locations, make more friends, meet new enemies, collect powerful shadows and explore the expanded world of shadow fighting!

A fighting game with role-play elements, telling the events that occurred after the end of the legendary Shadow Fight 2. The world is flooded with shadow chasms, carrying evil in them. The player must dive into each of these chasms and defeat its keepers. A playthrough mode and ranked online battles are available.

The graphics and gameplay of part 2 have been greatly improved and elaborated. The developers also added new shadow flash mechanics. At any time a wandering shadow can appear in the arena, hitting it will activate a random superpower or an enhanced attack. By winning fights the player will acquire new techniques and weapons. The action takes place in three different worlds.


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