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You Again (2010) _VERIFIED_

Kristen Bell was a nerdy high school student who was tormented and bullied by cheerleader Odette Yustman.Although Bell has grown up to be a beautiful and successful PR woman, the news that her brother is marrying her high school mean tormentor jolts her leading to a meltdown on the plane and a cameo appearance by Dwayne Johnson.When she does meet Yustman she is enraged that Yustman pretends she has never met Bell in high school leaving Bell planning to expose her true colours to her brother but each attempt just misfires. It does not help that since high school Yustman has lost her parents and become rather a do-gooder although we always have a suspicion that she might not truly be sorry about her high school behaviour.There is also rivalry between Bell's mother Jamie Lee Curtis and Yustman's aunt Sigourney Weaver who were also outdoing each other in high school and also show awkwardness when they meet again.Maybe things might had been easier if the various ladies just unloaded their feeling about past wounds instead we get desperate attempts of one-upwomanship and increasingly bizarre conduct which tends to be less comic.There is some promise in the film but the execution is poor, the leads are likable but are left floundering by the screenplay that is only sporadically amusing. Nice touch at the end when Betty White who plays Bell's grandmother meets her own nemesis from decades ago.

You Again (2010)

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Never See Me Again, also known as See Me Again, is an unreleased Kanye West song that was made in the period between the 2009 VMAs incident and the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010). The song, long believed to be of suicidal nature, has come to be known as one of Ye's best-known unreleased tracks.

After so much passive-aggressive preamble, the hair-pulling andplate throwing is almost a relief, yet this PG-rated comedy neverleverages the full strength of its stars. Weaver is a natural asthe imperious Ramona, but the rest of the cast is flattened by thescript, particularly White, who is just window-dressing in a moviethat could use the rude humor she's displayed elsewhere. Only anunrated director's cut, featuring the granny-versus-grannysmackdown that's teased in the final scene, could make us do "YouAgain" again. 041b061a72


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