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Where To Buy Bedding

If you're looking for quality, you can't go wrong with Brooklinen or Parachute bedding, both of which are well-made and well-priced thanks to their direct-to-consumer business models. For something a bit more budget-friendly, consider Target.

where to buy bedding

Everyone's bedding preferences are different, but at the very least you'll need a fitted sheet, pillowcases, and a cover of some sort. In Europe, it's more common to forego a flat sheet and use a removable, washable duvet cover instead. This is becoming a popular approach in the U.S. as well, which is reflected in the retailers on our list that offer sheet sets without a top sheet. A more traditional American sheet set will include a fitted sheet, top sheet, and one or two (depending on bed size) pillowcases. If you prefer to sleep with more pillows, be sure to order extra pillowcases or matching shams.

Bedding, and what the best sheets to buy are, depends largely on the time of year. Seasonality hugely affects your sleep, so it's a good idea to have a well stocked linen cupboard so you can sleep comfortably no matter the time of year. In the summer, a flat sheet is a lovely choice instead of a duvet for sleepers who run hot (we also recommend a good cooling pillow and mattress combination), though if you can't live without the latter we have a round up of the best duvets here. This gives you the comfort of coverage whilst remaining lightweight. We think high-quality linen, Egyptian cotton, or cotton percale are the best materials for this. If you don't want to have endless sheet sets in your house, then you always have the option to add a throw or blanket, in cashmere or wool, over the top of your flat sheet. If you're seeking comfort and a good night's sleep over all else, we do recommend buying good quality bedding for the softest finish.

A classic destination for crisp white beddingThe White Company's range is mostly white, as you would expect, at various levels of luxury but all of excellent quality. After all, there's a reason the retailer is an evergreen affordable favourite. Subtle patterns and detailing add variety to the collection of plain cottons.

The best for valueJohn Lewis is a go-to for house essentials and their plain bedding sets are reliably good value. Handily, their sheets come in an enormous range of sizes, from single to king size to super king, so if you fall for a style or pattern you'll undoubtedly find it in the right size.

What we're buying: Their mattresses are already one of our top picks and they also make a stylish sofa bed, and while you're there you should definitely pick up some of this lovely, 800-thread count 'Sandringham' bed linen. Crisp and cool, this is seriously smart bedding with a luxury hotel feel, and it's good value at 180 for a double set.

The high street go-toH&M Home is a fantastic affordable standby, and its bedding collection is one of the most reliable things it stocks. There's a huge range of bedding online, in contemporary patterns and plain colours.

The best for patterned beddingFor seriously bright and patterned bedding on the high street (albeit at the pricier end), Anthropologie is the place to be. Perfect for teenagers' rooms, these bold designs will liven up any space and make the bed the centrepiece of the room.

The best for that hotel feelingThat luxurious feeling of slipping into a hotel bed can be recreated night after night with Soho Home's bedding collection. The fabrics and styles are the same ones used globally in their houses, so they are really special pieces.

What we're buying: What Soho Home does so well is understated luxury, for that reason, we'd plump for some crisp linen bedding in a neutral colour like cream. Their Luna Duvet Cover in cream would be a brilliant choice.

When buying bedding, the key advice to always follow is to opt for the highest thread count you can afford. As our resident decoration expert Rita Konig says, 'getting into bed at the end of the day is made so much better if you are climbing between really soft, crisp sheets.' We spend more of our time up-close and personal with our bedding than anything else in our houses, so investing some time in choosing it will really pay off.

Preferences vary widely on the best finish for sheets. If you particularly like a crisp feel, opt for 'percale' fabrics - these are traditionally woven with a one-yarn-over, one-yarn-under method for a lightweight, matte finish. 'Sateen' fabrics expose more of the surface of the thread, with a three-yarn-over, three-yarn-under technique; this makes the sheets feel softer and silkier to the touch. Sateen bedding is also less likely to crease than percale sheets.

If you prefer an informal look, linen is the way to go. Made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen is stiffer in texture, though over time linen bedding will become incredibly soft. Linen bedding tends to be more breathable than most cotton weaves, so it's a popular choice for summer. It does crease very easily, but we think in a very attractive way. If you're thinking seasonally, you could opt for linen sheets in the warmer months, and then flannel bedding in the cooler ones. Flannel bedding is brushed on one or both sides of the surface to create a soft, cosy feel.

And of course, don't forget to consider how you want your bedding to look. There's a huge variety of colour and detailing out there to choose from. If your bedroom is quite masculine, soften it up with scallop-edged or frilly cotton sheets, or if you want a super-feminine feel then patterned bedding or a floral eiderdown will have a great effect. A classic pintuck Oxford border, or an embroidered line around the edge, will create that sophisticated hotel look, or opt for rumpled linen in a soft pastel shade if you prefer a more rustic look.

The best in the business for silk beddingFor glorious, cool silk bedding, there is nowhere comparable to Gingerlily. All their pieces are designed in-house and crafted from pure long strand silk of only the finest quality. Sleeping on silk has a well known range of health benefits, too, so both your skin and hair will thank you for using this bedding.

Soak and Sleep's website plays host to a huge range of bedding, from pure mulberry silk, French linen, chalk pure hemp, Egyptian cotton and more. As a result, you could kit out your entire household's bedrooms in one fell swoop, whilst catering for everyone's different wishes and needs.

Once Milano are reviving traditional Venetian handcrafted linen, and their stylish bedding comes in a variety of rich, jewel-like shades with charming details, including monogramming. They also make delightful plain and patterned quilts, along with linens for the table and loungewear.

A genuinely great standby for all sorts of inexpensive homewares, we've long been fans of Zara Home's classic white bedlinen. The range often features embroidery and detailing that makes it look much more costly than it is, and there's also a highly cosy collection of flannel bedding for chilly winters.

Trove launched in 2019 as the product wing of interior design firm Studio Duggan, and their online shop is filled with extremely stylish furniture and accessories, including this heavenly ruffled line of bedding.

Few things make a home more inviting than crisp white linen, and this is the speciality at Cologne and Cotton. Whether you like your bedding patterned, embroidered, or clean and simple, you'll find something for you here, along with scented candles and elegant nightwear. There are branches in Marylebone, Kensington and Fulham as well as Cheltenham and Leamington Spa, and the serene shops are worth spending some time in.

If immaculate hotel-style bedding isn't quite up your street, Toast make a line that is a bit more rustic and relaxed. In a range of smart ticking stripes and plain white or pink, these organic cotton sheets are wonderfully soft and thick.

With spaces in Marylebone and Kings Cross, French homeware store Caravane is expanding its reach in the UK. It's a treasure trove of colourful, thoughtfully designed furniture and accessories, and the bedding, in trendy washed linen or smart piped cotton, is no exception.

If you're in search of bedding for children's rooms (or whimsical adults' rooms), Lulu & Nat is a wonderful place to shop. Their pretty patterns also come on pyjamas, so you can coordinate your entire bedroom experience, and also tablecloths and napkins.

What we're buying: Lulu & Nat's bedding is supposed to be fun but, if that doesn't appeal to you, they also offer plenty of ways to tone it down. For a pop of colour, you can't go wrong with their Provence Floral Quilt.

Tielle Love Luxury were set up as a retail brand by a leading supplier of linens to the hotel industry, and have created an easily navigable range of bedding in rising thread counts and muted colours. along with a wide range of duvets, pillows, towels and robes. There's something here for every budget.

What we're buying: Sarah K's bedding in recognisable by its ditsy prints and deliciously frilly bedding. We are fans of her Multi Ditsy Pillowcases, which add some colour to a bed without being too in your face.

Since 1953, Laura Ashley have been at the forefront of British design. Their bedding is everything you'd expect it to be: feminine, whimsical and charming. It's lovely for all ages, though we think it would be particularly charming in a young girl's room.

With a focus on sustainability, The Secret Linen Store is a one stop shop for lovely rumpled linen bedding. They have various colour ways and are more experimental with patterns than most other brands, which is surprisingly rare with linen bedding.

Anthropologie specializes in trendy-but-timeless bedding with boatloads of personality. This clothing and home goods brand leans into all things vintage, feminine and ornate. The collection of sheet sets does include a few muted, solid color options, but mostly stands out for its much larger selection of lively printed fabrics. Similarly, the array of duvet covers, quilts and decorative pillows on offer run the gamut from romantic, Victorian-era styles to vibrant, ethnic-inspired designs. In other words, Anthropologie makes shopping for bedding pretty damn fun. 041b061a72


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