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Download Sample Files for Testing, Demo, and Presentation Purposes

Test files of various sizes can be useful for network and application testing. Below are download links to a few popular file sizes as well as a tool to generate custom size files. The files contain randomly generated binary data.

These locally generated files will download much quicker than the network downloaded files since their content's are generated on the fly. Their download speed is restricted only by your device's processor and storage drive speed.

download dummy file

Download apk:

All file sizes here conform the ISQ and IEC standards where 1KiB = 1024 bytes and 1KB = 1000 bytes. A lot of websites still refer to 1KB as 1024 bytes. If you do not receive the file size you are looking for try downloading the other variant.

To download a file with a custom size enter the size you would like below and click download. Note: these custom files are also generated locally, they should not be used as an indication of download speed.

Your #1 resource to download free test files either for speed test or for any other purpose! Our dummy files include audio, video, PDF, images, text, and many other formats. Simply click on the desired box below and download your test file. Here are our speed test files to download below.

Downloading our files is easy, simply click on your desired box (like 10GB, 5GB, 1GB, 512MB, 200MB, 100MB, 50MB, 20MB, 10MB, 5MB, 1MB, 100KB) above and it will start downloading the file. These files use IPv6 when available otherwise IPv4. All of our files are served over HTTP, FTP will be added soon.

download dummy file for testing

download dummy file of any size

download dummy file with random data

download dummy file for demo

download dummy file for presentation

download dummy file for upload

download dummy file for speed test

download dummy file for html5 video

download dummy file for pdf format

download dummy file for excel format

download dummy file for word format

download dummy file for powerpoint format

download dummy file for jpg format

download dummy file for png format

download dummy file for gif format

download dummy file for mp3 format

download dummy file for mp4 format

download dummy file for avi format

download dummy file for flv format

download dummy file for zip format

download dummy file with md5 checksum

download dummy file with ipv6 support

download dummy file with custom name

download dummy file with custom content

download dummy file with custom extension

download dummy file from thinkbroadband[^1^]

download dummy file from file-examples[^2^]

download dummy file from sample docs[^3^]

download dummy file from google drive

download dummy file from dropbox

download dummy file from onedrive

download dummy file from amazon s3

download dummy file from azure blob storage

download dummy file from github

download dummy file from ftp server

download dummy file from http server

download dummy file from https server

download dummy file using wget command

download dummy file using curl command

download dummy file using powershell command

download dummy file using python script

download dummy file using java code

download dummy file using c# code

download dummy file using php code

download dummy file using javascript code

create and download dummy file online

create and download dummy file offline

create and download dummy file with lorem ipsum text

create and download dummy file with binary data

create and download dummy file with hexadecimal data

No matter if you are using 5G wireless, Atlantic, spectrum, kyrio, Xfinity, Verizon, AT&T, Astound, Mediacom, HughesNet, rise, Suddenlink, or any other internet provider, our test files work everywhere.

However, if you are a programmer/developer and looking for a test file containing test data from a programming perspective, stay tuned! Soon, we will upload data files for different testing purposes like bash, audio, video, c#, CSV, image, cucumber, java, JUnit test files, etc.

Test files are used for different purposes. From a programming perspective, such files are used to test units and code. However, the main reason for our test files is to test downloading speed on different broadband or using tools.

Downloading time depends on your broadband package. However, we have tested downloading these files on various packages and, as a result, we have listed the average results under each file. These results are verified from different locations.

Since it is unacceptable for you to send out real viruses for test or demonstration purposes, you need a file that can safely be passed around and which is obviously non-viral, but which your anti-virus software will react to as if it were a virus.

If your test file is a program, then it should also produce sensible results if it is executed. Also, because you probably want to avoid shipping a pseudo-viral file along with your anti-virus product, your test file should be short and simple, so that your customers can easily create copies of it for themselves.

Agreeing on one file for such purposes simplifies matters for users: in the past, most vendors had their own pseudo-viral test files which their product would react to, but which other products would ignore.The Anti-Malware Testfile

IMPORTANT NOTEEICAR cannot be held responsible when these files or your AV scanner in combination with these files cause any damage to your computer. YOU DOWNLOAD THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK. Download these files only if you are sufficiently secure in the usage of your AV scanner. EICAR cannot and will not provide any help to remove these files from your computer. Please contact the manufacturer/vendor of your AV scanner to seek such help.

We understand (from the many emails we receive) that it might be difficult for you to delete the test file from your PC. After all, your scanner believes it is a virus infected file and does not allow you to access it anymore. At this point we must refer to our standard answer concerning support for the test file. We are sorry to tell you that EICAR cannot and will not provide AV scanner specific support. The best source to get such information from is the vendor of the tool which you purchased.

Please be aware that downloading these files will count towards your download usage allowances imposed by your broadband provider and the large files may use up a large proportion of this if you only have a small allowance (1GB - 3GB for example). We suggest only testing the large files if you have a connection speed faster than 10 Mbps.

NOTE: We provide these download files primarily for UK broadband users; although we do not prohibit their use by others, we do not allow scripted/automated download of these files. Our systems routinely block repetitive attempts which we believe are automated or abusive. If you get an 'unauthorised' error message, you can contact us (please include your IP address when contacting us).

Test .csv or Comma Separated Values files with ease using this free service. Do you need to store tremendous amount of records within your app? Does .csv files show plain text holding all the tabular data altogether? Then why not download the test or demo file completely free. Download demo .csv files starting from 10 rows up to almost half a million rows. Select the one that goes well with your requirements. You can even find options dealing with .csv files that can store records, data or values with 100, 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000, and 100000 rows.

Testing your php, c#, or any other programming language code targeted towards CSV file import functionality becomes a cakewalk using this absolutely free service. Getting sample CSV files for demo/test use is not something you will find elsewhere. Let your app store thousands of values with tremendous ease by testing the file before you can actually implement it.

You can use the .bak file to restore your sample database to your SQL Server instance. You can do so using the RESTORE (Transact-SQL) command, or using the graphical interface (GUI) in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or Azure Data Studio.

Move the .bak file to your SQL Server backup location. This varies depending on your installation location, instance name and version of SQL Server. For example, the default location for a default instance of SQL Server 2019 (15.x) is:

Select Add and then choose the .bak file you recently moved to the backup location. If you moved your file to this location but you're not able to see it in the wizard, this typically indicates a permissions issue - SQL Server or the user signed into SQL Server doesn't have permission to this file in this folder.

You can restore your sample database using Transact-SQL (T-SQL). An example to restore AdventureWorks2022 is provided below, but the database name and installation file path may vary depending on your environment.

Power BI offers different kinds of samples for different purposes. There are built-in samples and apps in the Power BI service, .pbix files, Excel datasets, and SQL databases. Here's a collection of different samples:

Power BI report designers Miguel Myers and Chris Hamill created the Sales & Returns .pbix file to demonstrate many new features in Power BI, including buttons, drillthrough, conditional formatting, what-if, and customized tooltips.

These samples are available in several formats: as a built-in sample, as an Excel workbook, and as a Power BI .pbix file. If you don't know what these things are, or how to get your hands on them, don't worry. This article explains it all.

Microsoft Word Binary File FormatThe .doc format is native to Microsoft Word. Other word processors, such as OpenOffice Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony and Apple Pages can create and read .doc files, but with some limitations.

This file contains customers and orders. Customers and orders contains an XSD that can be used to validate this document. It uses the xs:key and xs:keyref features of XSD to establish that the CustomerID attribute of the Customer element is a key, and to establish a relationship between the CustomerID element in each Order element and the CustomerID attribute in each Customer element.

This file contains a schema definition for the Sample XML file: Customers and orders. The schema uses the xs:key and xs:keyref features of XSD to establish that the CustomerID attribute of the Customer element is a key, and to establish a relationship between the CustomerID element in each Order element and the CustomerID attribute in each Customer element.

This page has Microsoft Excel sample datasets that you can use for testing, Excel training and demos, and other learning activities. The sample file contents are described in the sections below, so you can decide which dataset will be the best match for what you need.

You can see a screen shot of each dataset, and a list of the columns it contains, with a brief description. Then, to get started, you can download sample Excel file with data for your training sessions.

This sample file has the same data as the file above -- 2018 Olympic Hockey teams, from Canada and the USA. In addition to the data, this file includes several pivot tables that I added for hockey player data analysis.

Download: You can also get the sample office supply sales data in an Excel file -- click this link: Office Supply Sales sample data workbook. The zipped file is in xlsx format, and does not contain any macros.

Sample data for WooCommerce is located in a file called either sample-products.csv or sample-products.xml, which are located in the WooCommerce plugin folder in woocommerce/sample-data/. You can get it in two ways:

For each dataset, several CSV sizes are available, from 100 to 2 million records. The first line contains the CSV headers. An index column is set on each file. Rows have an index value which is incremental and starts at 1 for the first data row.


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