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Weight Loss for the Last Time


297 USD


12 Weeks

About the Course

WHY would someone working with CANCER be teaching about weight loss?
- Overweight and obesity causes 13 different types of cancers.
- In the US 40% of cancers are linked to obesity.
(and Type 2 Diabetes risk by 80% and cardiovascular disease by over 30%)
So it is 100% my business to be teaching about weight loss.

What you get:
・Lifetime access to 12 weeks worth of self-paced video lectures ($1200 value)
・76 page physical workbook to accompany the course to be mailed to you ($40 value)
・Two 1-on-1 thirty minute coaching sessions with me via zoom to tackle your specific challenges ($200 value)
・ 24/7 access to me and to our WLLT community in our private WLLT Facebook group
・Off of the dieting roller coaster and better health for LIFE (priceless)

There are only a limited amount of spaces for this course at this time due to the one-on-one coaching sessions. And I am committed to make this work for you! If you miss this round, email me so I can put you on the wait list when I make the next round available for you!

Did you know,
90% of people who lose weight end up re-gaining?

It’s not your fault.
Weight gain is an intricate metabolic, socio-emotional, evolutionary, and hormonally driven process that will be demystified so that you can use it to your advantage.

This is not a fad diet or a vanity weight loss program, but is designed to help you lose weight healthfully, sustainably, and permanently.

This is not a one-size fits all, but an individualized plan to suit your individual life, working on healthy anti-cancer nutrition and mindset – the missing piece so that this program will truly be weight loss for the LAST time.

Your Instructor

Minako Abe, M.D.

Minako Abe, M.D.

I'm Dr. Minako, a U.S. board certified Emergency physician, board certified Lifestyle Medicine physician,
and Master Health and Wellness Coach. I am passionate about getting you to your best health, and have myself lost 50 lbs using these techniques.

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